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News. Kil's Bay - Country Club at Pavlovsk reservoir


29/10 Birthday Bay Qila! We have 1 YEAR!

29 октября будет грандиозное событие, которое с нетерпением ждали целый год! Наш день рождения! Наш праздник!
We do not just 1 year. That's 365 days of work, dedication and boundless love for its guests. We did a good job, and the rest will mean even better.

Congratulate Bay Kila will show ballet "X-womans", group "CHARIOT", Dj Kalugin, the special guests of the evening: a resident of Comedy Club "Sergeyevich," and you, our most favorite and dear guests!

Login to 18.00: 500 rubles + 1000 deposit
Reservation of rooms and book a table by phone: +7 (347) 285-88-00


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